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Post  Admin Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:53 pm

#1 Common Rules

The only language allowed is English
Topics posted in the wrong section may be removed
Bypassing our word censor is strictly forbidden
Anti-social, discriminative and unnecessary remarks will not be tolerated
Spam such as referral links and money-making schemes will result in a Ban
All links must be coded¹
Mini-modding² is not permitted. Use the report function
Requests must be made in the appropriate sections
Trades and Purchases are not permitted
Political or Religious debates are not allowed.
Excessively replying to your own topics to gain first page exposure is not allowed.
Do not post any asterisks or any other weird signs to get attention for your post.
Arguing, swearing, Insulting, and or criticizing any staff member will get you an immediate BAN.
You may NOT post your links more than once if found warning or ban will be issued.
Link protectors not allowed !
Passwords that advertise other sites are not allowed.
Please do not hijack others thread by going off topic. always stay relevant to the topic.
Please do not use Full CAPs on your topic title.
Do not post hacking utilities flooders, spam tools, Virus making tools/tutorials, or anything that can do damage.

#2 Posting Rules for Uploaders/Posters

a) All posts require the following information:
Informative title
Brief description
Coded link
Correct file host icon³
How to open files (other than .zip/.rar/.exe)

b) Avoid the following:
Using tags such as [RS][MS] in your title. Refer to the "Icons Explained" topic.
Using redundant information in titles such as "100% Working", and "NEW"
Posting torrents.
Mirrors of an upload in another members' topic. Create a new topic, and follow Rule #2a
Links hidden behind a redirector or protector service
Trial and Demo software. We are a Warez Forum
Uploads containing Trojans, Phishing links. This will result in instant Ban
Hacking and spam related tools

c) Mega-Threads (eg "Hindi Movie Collection"):
May have one upload per post
May use the first post as an index to link to each upload
Each post must comply with Rule #2a

#3 Section Specific Rules

a) Application Section Rules:
Rapidshare/file host hacks/accounts/generators or tools are not allowed
Application version eg. WinRar 3.80 must be included in the title

b) Game Section Rules:
Include in the title if a game is a Rip/Portable
How to Become a VIP

Help other members where possible
Upload great content
Report posts breaking our rules or contain dead links
re-upload dead link

How to Become a Moderator

Help other members where possible
Contribute to discussion of our forum
Report posts breaking our rules or contain dead links
Be highly active
Have excellent knowledge of our rules


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