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Delcam PostProcessor 2011 SP2 32bit & 64bit

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Delcam PostProcessor 2011 SP2 32bit & 64bit Empty Delcam PostProcessor 2011 SP2 32bit & 64bit

Post  the_roy Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:26 am

Delcam PostProcessor 2011 SP2 32bit & 64bit

Delcam PostProcessor 2011 SP2 32bit & 64bit 9df6ee7531

Delcam PostProcessor 2011 SP2 32bit & 64bit | 116 mb

Delcam PostProcessor is a tool for generating controller-specific NC programs from CLDATA files produced by CAM systems. It also includes an editor for creating and editing the option files that are used to convert the CLDATA files, and an application for comparing different versions of option files.

Delcams History
In 1965 Donald Welbourn, Director in Industrial Co-operation at Cambridge University, had the vision to see the possibility of using computers to assist pattern makers to solve the problems of modeling difficult 3D shapes.
Today we take for granted 3D modeling, in 1965 only crude 2D drawing systems were available using terminals linked to large main frame computers.
Initial work was sponsored by the Science Research Council but finding money to support the development was a constant problem for Donald Welbourn. In 1973 Donald persuaded his friend Lord Caldecote, then chairman of the Delta Metal Group and an ex-Cambridge engineer, to send Delta graduate engineer Ed Lambourne to work on the development of DUCT at Cambridge University Engineering Department, ultimately leading to transferal of the system into industry. In 1974 Donald also obtained sponsorship from Control Data in Europe in the form of access to their powerful time-sharing computing resources. Control Data offered DUCT initially on its time-sharing bureau service, especially to two of its largest German customers Volkswagen and Daimler Benz.....

It has the following features:
- A graphical user interface for postprocessing CLDATA files, such as the *.cut files generated by PowerMILL;
- Access to the internal structure of the Postprocessor and a link to the Editor, which shows a hierarchical representation of the option file structure;
- Simple and efficient handling of CLDATA commands;
- Continuous 5-axis support;
- Workplane support;
- Probing support;
- A search tool for finding elements in an option file;
- Option file reporting;
- Debug mode for tapefile output;
- Option file comparison;
- Script functions for sophisticated handling of CLDATA commands. Based on Microsoft Active Scripting, and using JScript and VBScript, scripting enables you to define special tasks for any controller.

The Delcam PostProcessor application contains the following modules:
- The Postprocessor creates output suitable for an NC/CNC machine tool, in the form of tapefiles.
- The Editor is used to create or edit the option file, which configures the Postprocessor.
- The Console creates output suitable for an NC/CNC machine tool using the commands and parameters specified in the Editor.
- The PostComparer enables you to compare the structures of different option files.
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