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Best way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts

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Best way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts Empty Best way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts

Post  Admin Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:59 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm no coder, but made this downloader with macro software called winautomation.
This program is based on Fileserve Cookie Commander but support more filehosting sites including popular ones like Megaupload, Hotfile, Filesonic and a few others. I will add support for more hosters when the demand is there.
Originally Fileserve Cookie Commander was inspired by the fact that Fileserve made their cookies IP specific a while back and there was thus no way of sharing fileserve accounts except for sharing the username/password. This meant accounts did not last long because of the fact that people changed passwords.


* Encodes popular filehosting sites account details in username:password format to an encrypted format that can be shared without the recipient knowing the account details

* Decodes encrypted account details that was shared by somebody (having used this program to encrypt it).

* After account decryption a cookie is provided for use in 2 formats:

as an internet explorer cookie file that can be imported to be used in IE but will also be available for use by Internet Download Manager (IDM). Links can then be added straight in IDM without using your browser.
as a javascript string that can be used in ANY internet browser.

to get the program to convert your fileserve account to a secret string
that you can share that will stop people changing the password but they
can still use the account in their browser or with IDM

Here is the video (thanks to siavonen for making it) that first shows
how to decode an account shared by someone and lastly shows how to
encode an account you want to share with other people.


Also remember you cannot share
fileserve cookies because they will work only on your ip, so this
program is the only way for you to share a cookie indirectly via the
account details hidden in the mysecret string

MULTI cookie commander is now released! Support 4 other hosters!!

* An account that is decoded / to be encoded is first checked to see if it is premium and the user is informed about it. This means account checkers on the forum does not have to test the cookie first. Only premium accounts can be encoded.

* Currently supports Fileserve, Netload, Hotfile, Megaupload and Filesonic. Please note that IDM does not support FIlesonic and Wupload session cookies so Filesonic and Wupload cannot be used in IDM
Best way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts Mccstartv1Best way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts MccmainBest way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts MccfsmenuBest way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts Mccdecoded


1. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
2. mysecret.exe (included in the download)
3. wget.exe (included in the download)
4. base64.exe (included in the download)
5. md5crypt.exe (included in the download)

Error messages, bugs and testing:

I have tested this program only on Windows 7 32bit and Windows XP 32 bit.
It also ran fine on my vmware virtual pc [Windows 7 64 bit].
On the XP system that only had latest .NET (v4), the program did not run and I had to install .NET v2 as well

If nothing happens when you start the program or if you get any error messages upon launching the program, download and install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (about 22.4 mb) @




MULTI Cookie Commander V1.6 by Enerdude.exe

*** There are 2 detections but they are false positives. It is caused by the obfuscation (software protection) software I use ***

If you don't trust me, run it using a sandboxie

Version History:

1.6 Release
- Fixed uploadstation encode / decode error.

1.5 Release
- added support for Wupload and Uploadstation
- fixed some minor bugs

1.4 Release
- Fixed error when trying to encode a free Hotfile or Netload account.
- some internal changes

1.3 Release
- Fix another bug that caused an error when decoding Megaupload and sometimes the other hosters

1.2 Release
- Fix Megaupload error that appeared on some systems.
- Some bug fixes with program not running properly from folders with a space in their name

1.1 Release
- Recompile exe to be compatible with more systems

1.0 Original release

FAQ: [some questions / answers are based on fileserve. Substitute the following cookies names / files depending on the hoster you are using:]

Fileserve: PHPSESSID ; fsecookie.txt
Netload: cookie_user ; nlcookie.txt
Hotfile: auth ; hfcookie.txt
Megaupload: user ; mucookie.txt
Filesonic: PHPSESSID ; (no cookie file)
Wupload: PHPSESSID ; (no cookie file)
Uploadstation: PHPSESSID ; uscookie.txt

1. I pasted the javascript cookie into Firefox but it does not log me in!?

If you are sure the cookie is still valid (you just got it fresh from my program), it is a possibility that firefox has created a dupicate PHPSESSID cookie.

Solution: Delete all PHPSESSID cookies before using the javascript cookie by going into the options menu item in firefox and then click on Privacy and lastly click on remove individual cookies. Where it says search, type fileserve and press enter. In the list returned, look for cookies with a name of PHPSESSID and delete them.

2. I cannot find the menus (e.g. File) on Internet Explorer 9.

They are hidden on IE9. Press Alt to reveal the menus. (e.g. Alt-F)

3. How do I use the saved IE/IDM cookie file that was saved as fsecookie.txt?

See my tutorial on using cookies @
3 Ways of using a cookie (including with IDM)

It is the first method listed, start from step 2.

4. I imported the fsecookie.txt file into IE but I am not logged in as a premium user?

There are 2 things to check:

First: make sure the account cookie is still premium by decoding it again in the program. The program will let you know if it is invalid / free

Second: Delete the current fileserve cookies in IE before you import the new cookie.

First way: Manually delete the user@fileserve[x].txt file where user is your username on windows and x is a number e.g. 1,2 etc. It is located in a specific cookie folder. To find the cookie folder for your OS see http://www.milincorporated.com/a_cookies.html#ch2
Second way: Delete ALL cookies in IE by Tools --> internet options --> general --> delete and then select cookies
Third way: use a program called IECookiesView. Can be downloaded @ http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/iecookies.html

5. I copied the javascript cookie given by the program and pasted it in Internet Explorer 9 but it does not log me in but instead searches for a string starting with fs=........ (I have checked that the account is definately premium)

Internet Explorer 9 seems to remove the javascript: from the pasted string. After pasting it in your url bar, scroll to the start and add javascript: in front of fs=

6. Interner Download manager (IDM) does not detect the premium account after I imported the cookie file in IE and only downloads a small html file.

3 steps to fix:

First check that you are logged in as a premium user in internet explorer
If IE shows you are definately logged in, close your IDM (go to Tasks, Exit)
Start IDM again and try again.

Also remember that you cant use the javascript method to log you into the account as IDM wont detect it. You MUST import the fsecookie.txt file if you want to use it with IDM

7. Whether I encode or decode ANY premium account, I always get a response that the account is invalid / free. I have checked that the account is premium by logging into it using the fileserve website (accompanied by a captcha).

Fileserve probably banned your IP or the specific premium account due to excessive invalid logins. The program cannot login using a captcha so you wont be able to share this specific account. Try changing your ip / try sharing a different premium account.

Video on how to use the program (thanks to siavonen)

This video was made for Fileserve cookie commander but the operation of MULTI cookie commander is exactly the same except for the fact that you will get an initial menu asking you to choose the file hoster (Fileserve, Netload, etc). After that menus are more or less the same - each has an option to DECODE and ENCODEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTs6GK9oy4Y

Note: if the javascript code given to you by my program does not work when you paste it in your browser address bar, first create a bookmark of it before you use it.

For Google Chrome

[✔] Go to BookMark Manager
[✔] Organize -> Add Page
[✔] Name it whatever you want
[✔] Paste the JavaScript Code in URL
[✔] Then Save it

For Mozilla Firefox

[✔] Go to Firefox -> BookMarks
[✔] Right Click -> New BookMarks
[✔] Name it whatever you want
[✔] Paste the JavaScript Code in Location
[✔] Then Save it

Then just click on the bookmark when you want to use it. You can then later edit this bookmark when my program give you different javascript.
Best way to share your fileserve [and some other] accounts GE9ok


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